Pre-Treatment and Masking

Pre-Treatment and Cleaning

Productive Industrial Finishing realizes that essential to any quality finish is a clean substrate (base material or part). Without a clean material base to start with, both powder and spray finishes will fail to bond with the base material correctly and will lead to chipping, peeling, and corrosion.

As part of Productive Industrial Finishing’s commitment to quality, we clean and inspect each part to insure a proper foundation for strong adhesion and high quality finish.

Pre-Treatment Processes

  • Pressure and Hand Solvent Wiping
    • Solvent cleaning for metal and plastic substrates
  • Abrasive Blasting
    • Surface cleaning and preparation with compressed air and an abrasive particulate to remove old paint, oxidation, heat scale and contaminants
  • Phosphate Immersion
    • A chemical treatment and coating for metal parts that not only cleans to enhance finish adhesion but increases resistance to corrosion


Two tone liquid paint masking on plastic partMasking is decorative finishing technique that shields desired areas from being coated. It can be used to produce multi-tone finishes, depict simple decorative designs, or for the application of branding.

Productive Industrial Finishing can create and provide masking to your project’s specifications.

Working with Productive Industrial Finishing for Your Pre-Treatment and Masking Needs

Productive Industrial Finishing has over 25 years of finishing experience. Our expertise in pre-treatment and masking, lean manufacturing techniques (process efficiency), quality management, and logistics enable us to provide you with top quality finishes quickly and at competitive pricing.

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